Yes, I am a photographer, but most importantly I am a mother and a wife- which also means I am a full time maid. Until I hit the oh-so-dreaded age of 30, I was always stressing out about my "next step". As each year passed I kept trying to figure out how I fit in this world and how to actually be happy- I mean genuinely happy (not just squeezing out a fake smile when others are watching).

I never attended an art school; heck I had a hard time even showing up for high school. I simply look at people like books without words- I’m good at reading personalities and character. If I’m having a hard time reading you, I will stalk you on Pinterest and Facebook to get a feel for who you are. Personally, I consider myself like a pop-up book: what you see is what you get. I tell it like it is. I would never take on a client to whom I don't feel I can deliver exactly what they want. There are many amazing photographers that have been behind the camera longer than me and I would recommend many of them to anyone that is looking for more than I can offer them.
I do not own or utilize PhotoShop. Even if I did, it would most likely take me years to learn how to use it. If you’re looking for a portrait that makes your thighs look thinner and your boobs a little bigger, then I’m not the photographer for you.
My ultimate goal is to get the photograph almost perfect in camera. My editing consists of minor tweaks and cropping and (of course) the occasional zit removal when requested.

When hired to photograph a wedding my job description does not stop at clicking the shutter button. I am there to make sure my bride is relaxed and has no worries. I will run last minute errands, bustle dresses, steam dresses, clean up spills, any task I can help with to ease stress on my bride I will do.

Photography is more than just freezing time. Photography allows me to meet new people and to tell a story using no words. One picture can hold a thousand stories. My interpretation will always belong to me. One person may love my photograph and the next may want to change everything about it. Photography has many styles just like clothing. Not every style is the same , not everyone has to like it, but it is mine and my style makes me the woman I love being.